Our History

Tom’s Creek Missionary Baptist Church’s original emphasis was to encourage daily walk with God, family and church worship, and the Great Commission. Since its plant in 1913, the building has underwent massive change; however, its mission and vision still revolves around the Great Commission and the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Below, you will find a bit of our history.
Tom’s Creek Missionary Baptist Church was planted in an old school house under the leadership of seven pastors in the Eastanollee, Mullins Ford, Lavonia, and Bowersville area. These pastors examined 76 letters presented for membership, and Tom’s Creek Missionary Baptist Church was established in October 2013. The above building was dedicated as the first church building in August, 1916.
The original building was destroyed by fire in May 1939, and a new building was dedicated as the meeting place of the Church by the end of 1939.
Due to increased growth throughout the decades, Sunday School classes were added periodically, and in 1983, a new sanctuary was necessary to accommodate the growth.
Tom’s Creek Baptist Church’s worship facility underwent necessary expansion again, and the first service was held in the new building September 3, 2006. 

Our Pastors

J.F. Goode – February 1918 to December 1918 (part-time)

C.T. Burgess – March 1919 to December 1920 (part-time

E.H. Collins – January 1921 to November 1923 (part-time)

J.R. Lancaster – December 1923 to December 1927 (part-time)

G.H. Collins – February 1928 to October 1930 (part-time)

J.K. Williams – December 1930 to March 1931 (part-time)

G.H. Collins – June 1931 to October 1935 (second term)

John Wren – March 1936 to August 1936 (part-time)

G.R. Fuller – March 1937 to November 1941

B.F. Turner – January 1942 to November 1954 (part-time)

V.A. Merck – 1955 to April 1961

D.W. Satterfield – May 1961 to Sept.1965

Elton Lane – March 1966 to April 1972

Kenneth Moon – February 1973 to May 1975

Michael Dillinger – December 1975 to May 1980

Bill Humphries – October 1980 to August 1981

Don Harper – May 1982 to January 1987

Clack Stubbs – August 1987 to February 1998

Wayne Marcus – November 1998 to present