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Committed to Christ

How committed are you to Christ? Jesus wants your total surrender. He has called us to take up our Cross and follow Him, meaning to die out to self and live by His power.
The story is told of the military legend Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia (336-323) and conqueror of Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, Babylonia, and Persia, almost all of the known world.
One day on the warpath, Alexander and small company of soldiers approached a strongly fortified, walled city. Alexander raised his voice and demanded to see the king. When the king arrived, Alexander ordered him to surrender the city and everyone inside.
The king laughed, “Why should I surrender to you? You can’t do us any harm!”
But Alexander offered to give the king a demonstration. He ordered his men to line up single file and start marching. He marched them straight toward a cliff. The townspeople gathered on the wall and watched in shocked silence as, one by one, his soldiers marched without hesitation right off the cliff to their deaths!
After 10 soldiers died, Alexander ordered the rest of the men to return to his side. The townspeople and the king immediately surrendered to Alexander the Great. They realized that if a few men were actually willing to die at the command of this leader, then nothing could stop his eventual victory.
What if the world saw the church as people willing to die for the Gospel, willing to die that Jesus would be glorified, willing to die for the cause of Christ? I think more people in the world would be willing to live for Jesus if were willing to die for Him.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Look Up!

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Do you ever get so tired of all that is going on here on this earth that you start thinking ahead to a land far beyond this sin-cursed world? I try to listen to the news, but it gets so discouraging. The president has an easier time negotiating with North Korea than he does our country’s own representatives. It is illegal to kill a baby unless you are the mother. When an actor or famous person comes out of the closet, admitting they are homosexual, they receive praise, but when a Christian speaks against the sin of homosexuality they are blasted and looked down on for their beliefs. Murder and adultery have become entertainment for the masses to watch, and the Church is wrong for believing and preaching the Bible. The Word of God tells us that the last days will be bad days, evil, sinful times, with the love of many waxing cold, and Jesus gave us a great Word for discouraging times like these:

“And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).


When current events having you hanging your head and looking down, Jesus said look up! Why? Because our real hope doesn’t come from the Capital, the courthouse, or the White House; no, it comes from our Father’s house. When Jesus comes to get us, we are headed to a land that is so great that our God says our minds cannot comprehend it. We are headed to a place that has no corruption, no sorrow, no sin, and of course with those things absent no sadness. Heaven will be filled with the sweet singing of millions that lost their life in the sin of abortion, and millions more who were made whole after sin had broken them and Jesus had put them back together. Can you try to imagine the worship, the praise, and peace that heaven will be filled with? I don’t know about you, but I can endure knowing of the glory that is to come. Heaven is going to be worth it after all!!
Your Pastor,
Rev. Wayne Marcus

The Sanctity of Life

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One cannot help but notice the disregard for human life that is displayed in our country. It seems as if murder, violence, and an overall lack of concern for humanity is a growing trend. These things seem to be due to an increase in the evil of our country, but what if they are from a deeper symptom that has been indoctrinated in a generation of people? When you watch TV, there are many movies and TV shows that have killings all the way through them. Studies estimate that the typical American child will view 16,000 murders and 200,000 acts of violence on TV by the time they graduate high school. Kids’ cartoon shows display up to 20 violent acts every hour alone. Add into that the video games that many children have become addicted to, and you can see the development of some pretty scary indoctrination or at least the ability to desensitize people to acts of murder and violence. When you add to that the total disregard to human life that is displayed through the legalization of abortion, you can see that the Devil is doing a good job at teaching us not to sanctify human life over that of a cat or a dog.  
Based on the latest state-level data available, approximately 885,000 abortions took place in the United States in 2016—down from approximately 913,000 abortions in 2015. According to the Guttmacher Institute, an estimated 926,240 abortions took place in the United States in 2014—down from 1.06 million in 2011, 1.21 million abortions in 2008, 1.2 million in 2005, 1.29 million in 2002, 1.31 million in 2000 and 1.36 million in 1996. From 1973 through 2011, nearly 53 million legal abortions occurred in the U.S (AGI). If America does not sanctify all human life then all humans are in jeopardy of becoming targets of there very people we raise. Remember what we teach is what we become and what we have to live with. It would do us well to see people as God does and not the way Satan wants us to.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Thank You for Giving and Going

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I want to thank you for your faithfulness in giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. We had a goal of $41,000.00, which is a lot of money. As a church body you prayed, planned and participated in an effort to meet this goal. Congratulations, you have met and exceeded the goal, today you have given $42,469.89 with IOU’s of 640 dollars to come. Wow! What a great offering! This offering speaks to the heart you have to reach the nations with the gospel. While it is always my desire as your pastor to set a goal and reach it, reaching the goal is not the reason we give. The reason we give is so our Southern Baptist Missionaries around the world will have the resources they need to carry the gospel to the nations.
Having been to other countries and seeing first-hand the work and the frugal lifestyle of our missionaries, this gives me a heart filled with passion to raise money and support these servants in there sacrificial effort to reach people with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Just think about it: there is a group of people living in a rainforest who get up every day thinking that their only hope is to die and move down the evolutional ladder and come back as a monkey, a leopard, a lizard or some type of bird. They live each day with no hope or relationship with God, yet they live doing what they have been taught and know only what tradition and legend has taught them. They are people just like me and you. They have a living soul, they love each other, they work hard, but they have never heard about Jesus, the love of God, and the hope of heaven. It may be that you just bought a boat that will carry a missionary to them, fuel for a plane, and/or money for an interpreter or maybe a meal for a missionary. Because you have given, people in whom God loves will get to hear about the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So today, I say thank you for giving, and I pray we will also be faithful is going.

Rev. Wayne Marcus

The Birth of Christ

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There are many things about the birth of Christ that we do not know, such as the exact time of the year or the day in which Jesus was born. Nor do we know exactly how long it was or the age of the Jesus when the wise men made it to where he was. We don’t know how many wise men came or how many gifts he received; we only know of three of the gifts but there could have been many more. We don’t know how many people were traveling with the wise men; therefore, the size of the caravan coming to Jesus could have been much greater than we imagine. Much of the birth of Christ remains a mystery, but there are a few things that we do know. We know that Jesus was born of a virgin by the name of Mary; we know that Joseph was not the father of Jesus but was a good man who was given a great honor of serving as an earthly father to Jesus. We know that every detail of the birth of Jesus was lain out in prophesy and fulfilled in the birth of Christ. We also know that the incarnation of God in the birth of Jesus was because of God’s great love and desire for mankind to be saved. We also know that we are not told to celebrate the birth of Christ, but we are supposed to preach the gospel of Christ and publish the message of the gift of God to the entire world.
The Great Commission is fueled by the great work of God in Christ Jesus; in other words, the message that we are to preach is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He came to this earth, he lived a perfect sinless life, he died for the sins of the world on the cross and was resurrected, defeating death, hell, and the grave. The greatest news in the world is about the greatest gift to the world and, having been eternally blessed by this great gift, we have a great message to spread to the nations. Please do your part in sharing, giving, and going to lift Christ up so that people may be drawn to Him.


Rev. Wayne Marcus

Mystery of Christmas

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Many have spent long hours shopping and looking for those good deals and perfect gifts for those you love. I hope you are ready for Christmas. The Christmas season is upon us. Our songs change, our decoration are different, and even the clothes we wear will reflect our desire to celebrate Christmas. The planning and parties are underway and I could not be more excited. My studies have turned to the doctrine of the incarnation, and it is amazing to think about God humbling Himself and being wrapped in flesh, willfully limiting Himself to the place of a human so that He could experience life the way we live it and save us from our sin. It is really a greater feat than it would be for us, if we had the power, to become an ant and to do this so that we could somehow save ants from being destroyed. When I consider the power of God, the matchless majesty of the Creator of the universe becoming human, I have to ask myself as the Psalmist did,

“what is man that thou are mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

Friend, how could such a worm as me be so loved by God that He would give His only Son for my sins. This is the mystery and the marvel of Christmas, the love of God that moved Him to such action of giving the unspeakable gift of His only begotten Son to save this world. I hope that throughout this Christmas season you are able to keep your eyes on Jesus. I hope that you don’t get distracted with bonuses, business, and the hustle and bustle of the season that you forget the real reason for the season. Be committed to worship God and give Him praise for His great love for us.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus

Satisfied in God Alone

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Over the years we have seen some remarkable and amazing changes take place. Every twelve to eighteen months, computers double their capabilities, and so do the information technologies that use them. People also adapt to or use the new technologies must faster today than they used to. The telephone was invented in 1876, but it wasn’t until a century later that landlines reached a saturation point in households. For this to happen, massive amounts of infrastructure had to be built and network effects also needed to accumulate to make the product worthwhile for consumers. Further, the telephone suffered from the “last-mile problem”, in which the logistics get tougher and more expensive as end-users get hooked up to a network. As a result, it wasn’t until the 1960s that 80% of U.S. households had landlines in them. As a result of the cell phone and advances in the cellular phone industry, only about 60 percent of homes have a landline now and that continues to decline. The cell phone went from less than 5% of people having one in in 1990 to about 95% of people by 2016. Standing out most is the tablet computer, which went from nearly 0% to 50% adoption in five years or so.   

Today, technology has changed the way we live, but it has not changed our attitudes toward gratitude. We have more conveniences than ever before, yet we live in a time when people are very short on patience, very difficult to please and are almost always disappointed with something in their life. So if things, technology, and/or an easier life don’t make us happy: what will? I suggest that only a commitment to be satisfied with what we have and to trust that God works all things out for our good may be just what we need to adjust our attitude and help us live with gratitude. Remember God is good even when the Devil tries to tell you that He is not.
Rev. Wayne Marcus    

Twenty Years

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The last 20 years of serving as the Pastor of Tom’s Creek has been both a great joy and at times very difficult. I have spent some very long and sleepless nights because I was excited about what God was doing in my family of faith. Other nights, I have tossed and turned because of what Satan was doing and trying to do to destroy the work of God at Tom’s Creek. Tammy and I never in our wildest dreams thought that God would give us such a wonderful bond with our church family and give us so many great people to serve the Lord with over these years.
I would like to thank you for your love and service to the Lord over these years, and it is wonderful to be co-labors with you. You taking time last week to honor me as your pastor gave me an overflowing heart of thanksgiving to God and you. The meal and the honorarium was very appreciated, but your heart to work for the Lord is the thing for which I am most grateful. Over the last 20 years of preaching, putting on Judgement House, Wild Game Suppers, VBS, Back to School Bashes, and many other missions as well as mission trips, we have seen thousands of people saved. This is what brings honor to God, and that is the reason we all do what we do. So once again, thank you, and thank God for the privilege that we have to serve Him.   
Your Pastor,
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Heeding Warnings

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As I write this article, the Panhandle of Florida has been evacuated because of Hurricane Michael. The people with property and family there are anticipating major loss. By the time you read this, the results of the storm will be in and we will know how many people lost their lives and the value of the property that was destroyed by this storm. There were many warnings and pleas to evacuate the area, and yet there are people who have chosen to hunker down and stay in their homes.
It seems as if the cries and warning always fall on some unconcerned and stubborn people, who end up paying the ultimate price, and so is the case with the Gospel. For 26 years, I have been pleading with people to evacuate the life sin and run to the shelter of Jesus and His saving grace. There have been many times that I have looked into the eyes of those who seem to take the warning of the storm as a hoax or joke and decided to continue to live their life the way they want to. There have also been those who plan to evacuate when the storm gets closer to find that, while they slept, the storm snuck upon them, and they were too late to get away. Friend, please take heed to the warnings of God’s Word, repent of your sin, and surrender your life to Jesus Christ. There is a storm coming like this world has never seen. A time when you will leave this world and stand before Jesus Christ, and if your name is not found written in the Lamb’s Book of Life you will be cast into the lake of fire and will be tormented for all of eternity. God loves you and calls you to come to Him. Please come before it is too late.
Rev. Wayne Marcus 

Set Your Heart

Now Ezra had determined in his heart to study the law of the Lord, obey it, and teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel (Ezra 7:10).

What have you set your heart on in life? What are the grand goals of your life? How do you determine success? In the verse above, we see Ezra determine in his heart to study God’s Word, to do it, and to teach it to others. Oh, that we would have the heart of Ezra! We devote our hearts to so many things apart from God and His Word. We follow so many other agendas for life, pursue far too many goals aside from His Word.
Ezra’s “secret ingredient” to changing the world and being used by God was his devotion to God’s Word. He set it in his heart, infusing it into every moment of his day. He let no other factor influence his life more than the Word of God. He not only read It, but he did what It said. Ezra sought to live according to God’s will every day. Further, he did not keep it for himself. Through him, God’s Word spread throughout Israel. 
May we decide today what is truly important to us. May we choose to read and follow God’s will for our lives. May we not let other factors, idols, and ourselves get in the way of what God has planned for us. May we strive for the heart and character of Ezra, who devoted himself to the Word, obeyed it, and shared it to the nations.
Your Youth Pastor,
Rev. Evan Alexander