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Let Go, and Let God

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Last Sunday night, we had a great service with many people sharing how God was working in their lives and giving God praise for forgiving their sin and setting them free. God is so good, and if there was anything that became evident from Sunday night it was that nothing is too hard for God! You may be dealing with heartache, disappointment, bondage of sin, or struggling with a combination of other things; I want to remind you of two things today. The first thing is that God loves you! He really does, He loves you just like you are with all of your troubles and struggles. God loves you and wants you to hear and understand this verse:
“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).
Friend, God wants you to cast your cares or worries upon Him. You may say why? Because He cares for you!
I know it is hard to believe that God would care for us as He does but today if you can by faith trust that He loves you and cares for you then and only then can you trust Him enough to cast your fears, problems and heartaches on Him. The second thing I would like to tell you is that in order to cast your cares upon Him you will have to humble yourself. That means that you have to admit that your problems are bigger than you are. No matter how strong you may think that you are, please know that God wants you to humble yourself and quit allowing your stubborn pride to hold you the bondage of trying to bear a load that is bigger than you are capable of handling. There is great liberty and freedom in casting your cares on the Lord and because of the love and grace of God you have been invited to do just that. Let go and Let God help you today!
Your Pastor,
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Hope in Hard Times

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It is so good to know that God loves us and that we are not receiving in this life what we deserve but rather what God’s grace provides. All of us, and I mean all of us, have the opportunity to be blessed beyond measure due to gift of God. This does not mean that life will not have hardship or heartache; it simply means that we cannot measure our blessings by our burdens or be sour based upon our surroundings. We are to live by faith, and our faith teaches us that all things are for the good of those who love God and are the called according to His purpose. Our problems are not put there to hurt us but to build us, to make us better and closer to God.
The Devil would love for us to give up, curse God, and then lie down and wait on death. This would make us ugly, useless, and ungodly in a world that needs a good witness for God. Friend, I have talked with a lot of people this week that are going through some real battles in their life, yet they have smiled, praised God, and acknowledge that God is good. They can say that because they understand that this life is not the end nor is it the reward that God has in store for us. As Christians, we are living for a better Country, for a better day, and it is just around the corner. So keep singing, keep praying, and keep looking up for your redemption draws near.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

A Fresh Touch From Heaven

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Over the last few weeks, the air has gotten really dry, and it is showing on the grass and gardens. They look so parched and almost dead. How are you doing in your walk with the Lord? Are you feeling dry and parched, as if the heavens have been closed and the things that you need for revival and restoration have disappeared? The truth is that our lives can become barren if we cease to receive or realize the blessings that God is showering us with daily.
Each and every day it is important to take time to drink out of a refreshing well that never runs dry, to experience fresh Word from God as you walk with Him, and share your burdens and thank Him for his blessings. We know that He loves us, and He knows how we feel about Him, but it is good to hear Him tell you, and it is also good to tell Him how you feel. It does you good to say it. If your life is getting dry or routine, it may be that you need to cool it down with your Bible and spend time talking with your Heavenly Father.
I was looking at the grass this morning and had this thought: “if it doesn’t rain my grass is going to wither up.” Only a moist touch from Heaven can give my yard what it really needs, and if you are about to wither up, only a fresh touch from Heaven can restore you.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Uncertainty in Following Christ

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We often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations that are self-caused. Maybe you responded yes to an invitation you now regret, or perhaps you chowed down on that food from the gas station despite all your better judgment telling you not to. Our choices and decisions shape our paths, and where we end up is often due to the very choices we make.
In Daniel 6, we find Daniel in quite the predicament. Prayer to the one true God has been forbidden, and Daniel makes a choice that results in being tossed into a den of hungry lions. Daniel’s story reminds us that being faithful to God may lead to uncomfortable and even dangerous circumstances. But in the end of his story, God’s name is glorified throughout the kingdom. 
When it comes to following Christ, we’re often left with a choice: the comfortable status-quo or the uncertainty that accompanies stepping out in faith. While we may not be guaranteed safety or sure deliverance from the trials and discomforts in following Christ, we can remain confident that it’s worth it and we’re not alone. So, go on that mission trip. Attend that class. Share your testimony with your neighbor.
You may be missing out on a life-changing experience that God has planned for you. Do what God is calling you to do, and don’t let your comforts get in the way of your commitment to the Lord.
Your Youth Minister,
Rev. Evan Alexander

Prayer for Missions

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This Sunday (July 14th), our Alaska Mission team leaves for Alaska around 2:00 a.m. Please pray for us as we do Vacation Bible School in Penland Mobile Home Park and a block parties at night in the City Park. The Mission Team consists of the following:
  • Denny and Elizabeth Folsom
  • Tracy Fowler
  • Doug and Donna Guest
  • Bobbi Hazel
  • Tony and Renee Ledford
  • Michael and Paula Malia
  • Kathy Maner
  • Wayne and Tammy Marcus
  • Tammy Riddle
  • Brenda Thomas
Please pray for us this week. Pray for safe travel, liberty, wisdom and boldness to share our testimony and the gospel. Pray for unity with each other and those that we will be working with in Alaska and that through all that we do Jesus will be exalted and receive the utmost honor and glory. We will be praying for you this week as you worship the Lord.
Also, join us in praying for our Back to School bash that will be taking place on July 27th. I want to encourage you to make donations of shoes and school supplies for this great ministry opportunity to help the precious kids of our community.
Thank you for being such a wonderful giving, serving body of believers, and remember as we do anything for those around us we do it unto the Lord.
Rev. Wayne Marcus  

Family of God

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Do you ever feel as though you do not connect with people at Church or that you have lost touch with your church family? I have had people tell me that there used to be a time when they felt like they were a part of the church, but now, they didn’t feel like they knew anyone or they weren’t connected anymore. I want to attempt to tell you why that might be. It may be because you are not connecting with people. In others words, it is your responsibility to work on getting to know people. The way you do that is by being in small groups, or working on a Ministry Team such as Vacation Bible School, Back to School Bash, Outreach, Judgement House, and/or one of the many committees that serve the Church.  

It is impossible to really get to know someone by sitting in a worship service with them. The real way to feel as though you are a part of the Church is to be an active part of the serving body of Christ. We attempt to have fellowships where we eat and play together as we did with our recent Family Day. We will continue to do this, but the way to really get to know people is serving together, traveling together, and learning together in small groups. If you spend time working, weeping, and soul-winning with people, you may feel more connected that you ever dreamed possible. It is not uncommon to look at your Church family as just an extension of your family, and if you are not careful, you may grow closer to them than your blood relatives because the blood of Jesus really does bind us together.

Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus

Follow the Leader

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Last weekend, my son-in-Law and I took my grand boys Easton and Eli hiking. We hiked into a water fall, spent the night, and then hiked out the next day. During the hike, there were several things said by my grandsons that really stuck in my mind. Simple things that have a much deeper meaning and truth than you would think when they are said tongue in cheek as you walk and talk.
One of the statements was Papa is leading, we are just following him wherever he goes, I am stepping right where papa is stepping.” As I heard that, there was a sense of fear that came over me, for at the time, we were walking on the edge of a rock ledge with about a 15 to 20 feet drop off on one side. Had I stepped in the wrong place or even got too close to the edge, I could have easily led them to a vicarious step that would have at best led to them being hurt and at worse to a tragic fall down a rock wall and into a creek.

It is a fearful thing for those you love to be following you so closely and depending on your decisions and leadership to get them to a safe and secure location. Such is the responsibility of a parent, grandparent, or guardian. God has called us to lead and not just on a path in the woods but through the dangerous pitfalls of life. Friend, your kids and are watching you, they are learning how to navigate life, set priorities, make decision and live for the Lord by the leadership you show them each and every day. Choose your steps carefully and remember there is more at stake than just your well-being you are leading your family to a destination that has many dangers along the way.


Rev. Wayne Marcus    

Memorial Day

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How is your memory? Mine is not as good as it used to be. If I really want to remember something, I have to make myself reminders or come up with creative ways to jar my memory. It is always good to place things on the calendar that are important to remember. That is the reason we have Memorial Day on the calendar to remind us to remember those who have fought for our country.
Since 1971, Memorial Day has been observed annually on the last Monday in May. The purpose is to honor the nation’s military personnel killed in wartime. The holiday was called Decoration Day at first because people decorated soldiers’ graves with flowers and flags on that day. Today, it is also marked by parades, memorial speeches, and ceremonies.
Waterloo, New York, was the birthplace of Memorial Day. On May 5, 1866, the people of Waterloo placed flowers on the graves of northern soldiers who had died in the Civil War. In 1868, Major General John Logan declared May 30 as a day for honoring soldiers who had died fighting for the North. A lot of meaning is attached to decorating graves. After World War I ended, in 1918, Decoration Day became a day to remember everyone who died fighting in U.S. wars.
Please take some time to remember those who have died fighting for our freedom.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus

Victory in Jesus

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Easter is such an exciting time for Christians! It is a time when we celebrate with extra emphasis the event that we rejoice about all year long: the resurrection of our Lord! Can you imagine the excitement that the broken-hearted follower of Jesus must have felt when they realized that Jesus who was dead has risen from the grave and is alive? All of their hopes had been dashed through death but now had been revived through resurrection.
This meant that every promise, prophecy, and proclamation that Jesus had made was now not only possible but probable. Jesus was really who He claimed to be. He has proven that not Satan, sickness, sin, or spiteful man could destroy Him or the people who put their faith in Him. What a powerful Savior! The Devil, demons, and death had all taken their best shot at destroying Him, but He defeated all of His foes.

This is why we celebrate! His victory is our victory, and He is the hope that we cling to for everlasting life. As I looked at my deceased father’s body in the casket last Sunday, my heart was encouraged to know that someday that coffin would bust open with victory and out of it would come a new body with no sickness or pain. This hope is not because my dad was a super man or a good person but rather because Jesus defeated death for all who have trusted in Him.

“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15:55-57).

This is what we call “Victory in Jesus.”

Rev. Wayne Marcus

Think of the Resurrection!

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As we approach Easter, our minds are turned towards the cross, and what an awful sight it must have been. When I think of Jesus being ridiculed in a trial, beaten publicly, and crucified so cruelly it saddens my heart. To think of the pain of dying and the shame of being crucified being endured by Jesus, the Son of God, for my sins is moving to say the least. To know that, at any time of His choosing, He had the authority and power to stop it and the whole earth with it if He desired and yet His love made Him steadfast and determined to fulfill the perfect will of the Father and die for the sins of the world.
As Jesus died, He yielded His Spirit over to the Father, and His body was placed in a borrowed tomb. As His body lay in the tomb, the world thought his life was over; there was no hope in sight for those who knew and believed in their heart that He was the Son of God. It seemed as though all of their dreams died on the cross with the Jesus. But in three days, what seemed impossible took place. As one of my favorite songs says it:
“Up from the grave He arose, with a might triumph over His foes!”
Friend, remember when you think about the cross to remember the empty tomb. When you think about death, remember the promise of life. Jesus is the One who was, who is, and who is to come! He is alive forevermore, and because of that, I, too, shall live forever! I hope every thought of death you have is lined with the glorious promise of the resurrection.

Pastor,   Wayne Marcus