The Beauty of Belonging

Discovery Classes Ministry Website BannerEver feel as though you did not quite fit in? If I were to be transparent, my personality does not generally allow for me to quickly feel as though I belong somewhere.
My name is Evan Alexander, and I am an introvert.

Large crowds make me feel uncomfortable, and the fellowship time of everybody shaking hands drains my energy. But I love small groups. I enjoy the personal, meaningful interaction that goes far beyond the “Hi! Great to see you today.” It means the world to me to get a text that says, “I’m praying for you today!” from those in my class. In the context of a small group Sunday School class, I find a place to serve, to grow, to fellowship, and belong. 

In Sunday School, you get to forge the kind of relationships that last a lifetime and make you a better person. Sunday School is not just for kids: adults need groups, too. I need someone to encourage me in my walk with God, someone to keep me accountable, someone to laugh with, and someone to cry with. I need a small group of believers around me, and I am blessed to be in such a group. You can be, too. There is a mysterious beauty to belonging to a group, and I am here to help find a class for you. Email me for more information on Sunday School or particular classes for you to visit.
Your friendly neighborhood Minister of Education and Outreach, 
Rev. Evan Alexander