A Fresh Touch From Heaven

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Over the last few weeks, the air has gotten really dry, and it is showing on the grass and gardens. They look so parched and almost dead. How are you doing in your walk with the Lord? Are you feeling dry and parched, as if the heavens have been closed and the things that you need for revival and restoration have disappeared? The truth is that our lives can become barren if we cease to receive or realize the blessings that God is showering us with daily.
Each and every day it is important to take time to drink out of a refreshing well that never runs dry, to experience fresh Word from God as you walk with Him, and share your burdens and thank Him for his blessings. We know that He loves us, and He knows how we feel about Him, but it is good to hear Him tell you, and it is also good to tell Him how you feel. It does you good to say it. If your life is getting dry or routine, it may be that you need to cool it down with your Bible and spend time talking with your Heavenly Father.
I was looking at the grass this morning and had this thought: “if it doesn’t rain my grass is going to wither up.” Only a moist touch from Heaven can give my yard what it really needs, and if you are about to wither up, only a fresh touch from Heaven can restore you.
Rev. Wayne Marcus