All Hands On Deck

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The new church year starts in just a few weeks, and with that comes a lot of committee meetings, planning, and of course, hard work. None of these things are strange to you; we have been planning and working hard for years and this year shall be no exception. As the day of the Lord draws closer, we have to be more vigilant and vivacious in our service for the Savior. I hope you are determined to take advantage of every opportunity you have to work for the Lord. There are many things in the works for the next church year that you could be in involved with. We will be doing Judgement House and Fall Festival in October the children and Adult Choir will be doing a presentation at Christmas, Upward Basketball January – February, we will be doing a Wild Game Supper this year and of course Vacation Bible School, and some mission trips. Please take advantage of all the opportunities to serve the Lord here at Toms Creek.
As you know, there will come a day and a time when you will be grateful for opportunities you took to serve the Lord. Can you imagine what it will be like when you stand before the Lord and are rewarded for what you have done for Him here in this world? This world is wicked, dark, cold, and full of indifference toward the gospel. but it is also a rich honey-hole for fishers of men. God has called to us be ambassadors for Christ; let’s get out there and represent Him to the best of our ability. We need all hands on deck for the mission that God has called us to. Please commit to serving the Lord with all of your heart, soul, and mind this coming year.
Rev. Wayne Marcus