Contend for the Faith

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When you think about your Church, what do you think about? To many people, Church is just a place they go on Sunday when they can. 20% of adults say they have no real connection to their church family or to the mission of the Church. 40% say they have no connection to their faith. 23% of believers say that they can’t find a church home. What about you? Do you feel connected to the church, or are you one of those people who are looking for a Church to call your home Church?

This Sunday, we are going to discuss the call that God has given the church to contend for our faith. This message is being preached at a time when the world has stood firm to detest most anything that is of a Biblical nature or belief. Satan has come out of the closet if you will; no longer does he deny his hatred for the sacred things of God. People led and influenced by Satan are boldly standing against God’s biblical plan for marriage, the sacred standard He gives us for life, and God’s call on the life of His people to be holy and live sanctified lives that bring honor to Him. The authority of God’s Word is under attack in the world and, of all places, in many so-called churches today. Friend, we live in the last days, and Satan realizes His time is drawing near. Therefore, the church must stand firm in our faith and focus on the call that has been given to us. I hope you are connected to the Church, and fulfilling the call God has given you. If not, I am praying that you will get plugged in today.
Your Pastor,
Rev. Wayne Marcus