Family of God

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Do you ever feel as though you do not connect with people at Church or that you have lost touch with your church family? I have had people tell me that there used to be a time when they felt like they were a part of the church, but now, they didn’t feel like they knew anyone or they weren’t connected anymore. I want to attempt to tell you why that might be. It may be because you are not connecting with people. In others words, it is your responsibility to work on getting to know people. The way you do that is by being in small groups, or working on a Ministry Team such as Vacation Bible School, Back to School Bash, Outreach, Judgement House, and/or one of the many committees that serve the Church.  

It is impossible to really get to know someone by sitting in a worship service with them. The real way to feel as though you are a part of the Church is to be an active part of the serving body of Christ. We attempt to have fellowships where we eat and play together as we did with our recent Family Day. We will continue to do this, but the way to really get to know people is serving together, traveling together, and learning together in small groups. If you spend time working, weeping, and soul-winning with people, you may feel more connected that you ever dreamed possible. It is not uncommon to look at your Church family as just an extension of your family, and if you are not careful, you may grow closer to them than your blood relatives because the blood of Jesus really does bind us together.

Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus