Follow the Leader

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Last weekend, my son-in-Law and I took my grand boys Easton and Eli hiking. We hiked into a water fall, spent the night, and then hiked out the next day. During the hike, there were several things said by my grandsons that really stuck in my mind. Simple things that have a much deeper meaning and truth than you would think when they are said tongue in cheek as you walk and talk.
One of the statements was Papa is leading, we are just following him wherever he goes, I am stepping right where papa is stepping.” As I heard that, there was a sense of fear that came over me, for at the time, we were walking on the edge of a rock ledge with about a 15 to 20 feet drop off on one side. Had I stepped in the wrong place or even got too close to the edge, I could have easily led them to a vicarious step that would have at best led to them being hurt and at worse to a tragic fall down a rock wall and into a creek.

It is a fearful thing for those you love to be following you so closely and depending on your decisions and leadership to get them to a safe and secure location. Such is the responsibility of a parent, grandparent, or guardian. God has called us to lead and not just on a path in the woods but through the dangerous pitfalls of life. Friend, your kids and are watching you, they are learning how to navigate life, set priorities, make decision and live for the Lord by the leadership you show them each and every day. Choose your steps carefully and remember there is more at stake than just your well-being you are leading your family to a destination that has many dangers along the way.


Rev. Wayne Marcus