Hope in Hard Times

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It is so good to know that God loves us and that we are not receiving in this life what we deserve but rather what God’s grace provides. All of us, and I mean all of us, have the opportunity to be blessed beyond measure due to gift of God. This does not mean that life will not have hardship or heartache; it simply means that we cannot measure our blessings by our burdens or be sour based upon our surroundings. We are to live by faith, and our faith teaches us that all things are for the good of those who love God and are the called according to His purpose. Our problems are not put there to hurt us but to build us, to make us better and closer to God.
The Devil would love for us to give up, curse God, and then lie down and wait on death. This would make us ugly, useless, and ungodly in a world that needs a good witness for God. Friend, I have talked with a lot of people this week that are going through some real battles in their life, yet they have smiled, praised God, and acknowledge that God is good. They can say that because they understand that this life is not the end nor is it the reward that God has in store for us. As Christians, we are living for a better Country, for a better day, and it is just around the corner. So keep singing, keep praying, and keep looking up for your redemption draws near.
Rev. Wayne Marcus