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  • Pray for our surrounding communities of Stephens and Franklin Counties.
  • Pray for the large percentage of our community that do not know Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for our local churches, both inside and outside our association. 
  • Pray for Tom’s Creek Baptist Church; pray that we may be active in bringing the gospel to the lost and that our members will be a light to those in spiritual darkness.
  • Pray for the nearly 70% of our state that does not know Christ and the 80+% that are unchurched. 
  • Pray for our urban centers and the North American Mission Board’s efforts in reaching our Send City, Atlanta, as large percentages are moving to this area every year.
  • Pray for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, its leaders, its missionaries, and the local churches that make it up.
  • Pray for our nation, our leaders, and government.
  • Pray for those who fight for our freedom, both in battle and in the courtroom. 
  • Pray for the vast number of individuals that do not know Christ as Lord and Savior. 
  • Pray for believers to stand firm on biblical truths and not sacrifice their convictions for culture, while being faithful to evangelize to the lost and be representatives of Christ. 
  • Pray for the North American Mission Board, its leaders, and missionaries that we support, and also pray for other mission organizations, such as Gideons InternationalCru, and many others, as we work together to reach the lost. 


Local Church Ministry
Your giving at Tom’s Creek goes to support the ministries and outreach of our local church as we seek to impact our surrounding community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Cooperative Program
As a Southern Baptist church, we choose to give 10% of our annual giving to go towards our State Convention, the SBC, and our mission organizations (NAMB, IMB). Therefore, by giving to the local church, you are giving to the advancement of the gospel through the Cooperative Program
Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
Each year, our church emphasizes giving to NAMB through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Through our Sunday School classes and auxiliary groups, we have a mission march in our Easter morning service and celebrate giving to reach the lost in U.S.A. and Canada. 
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
Each year at Christmas, we emphasize our giving to the IMB through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. We give through our Sunday School classes, auxiliary groups, and an in-service offering. We also have a mission march during the morning service of the Sunday just before Christmas, where we celebrate our giving to support sharing the gospel to the ends of the Earth. 
Manaus Missions
As a church, we have chosen to support Rev. Bill Stacey, a member of our church, as he is working in Manaus, Brazil through the IMB. He is purposefully reaching this city with the gospel of Jesus Christ as a church planter. We commit to pray for, encourage, supply, and financially support Rev. Stacey while he is in Brazil, and you can give directly to this missionary effort. 


  • Tom’s Creek: There are an abundant amount of opportunities for you to practice being a missionary at Tom’s Creek. From 1-day events to ongoing ministries, there are plenty of ways for you to live sent right here. Contact us for information on how you can be involved.
  • Community Involvement: Live sent by meeting the needs in your community even outside the church by volunteering: Toccoa’s Hope Center (Soup Kitchen, etc.)School Mentoring Program, and local nursing homes. Take Christ with you wherever you go, and treat every opportunity as a mission activity. 
  • Foster Care: This opportunity is not for all, but we have a shortage of homes to place foster kids in our area. We need Christian influences in these kids’ lives to help break the cycle of destructive family tendencies. You do not have to adopt foster children; however, you have an opportunity to play a short-term role in impacting the rest of their lives. Head over to the local DFCS website for more information, or contact our local Family Connections office.
Click the below links for detailed lists and resources of how you can be sent outside of our local community: