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The Love of God

Do you think God loves you? Do you love God? These are two question we will answer this Sunday, but let me say right now that everyone that God has chosen to love will not always be loved by Him. Sometimes our idea of love is so far from what real Biblical love is. We love pizza, ice cream, Jesus, fishing, hunting, and our wife. Some understand the difference and know that there are different types of love, and yet others really do love Jesus like they love ice cream. To some, love is based upon how much pleasure you get from something or someone. When it is good, you love it; when it is not, you don’t like or love it/them any longer. Friend, the love of God is so much deeper and is based upon a commitment and a standard that God Himself has set. We know that God doesn’t love us based upon our goodness because the Bible says that we have all come short of God’s glory. We know that God doesn’t love us because we first loved Him, for the Bible says that He first loved us while we were yet sinners.
The love of God is really much simpler to understand than the love people in this world say they have, profess one to another, and express for stuff in this world. The love of God is not based upon emotions, performance, or lust.
Friend, God does love you, and I am excited to show you how we can know that from the Word of God. I am also sad to report to you that what you do with His love will determine if He continues to love you for eternity. I hope you love God and accept His love for you.


Rev. Wayne Marcus  

Rejoice in the Lord

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What is the hardest command in the Bible? To the man who has nothing, it might be the command to “not covet.” To the man that has almost everything, it may be the command to “have no other gods before me.” To the teenager, it may be the command “to honor thy Father and Mother.” To most of us, it would be a command found in the New Testament from the Apostle Paul in the book of Philippians:
“Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice” (Philippians 4:4).

Look at the command from Paul: He says to rejoice in the Lord always. That seems to be really hard; there are times in my life when I don’t feel like rejoicing at all. There are times when I would rather complain, cry, or criticize due to what I am dealing with in life. Yet, the Bible is clear, the best path is to rejoice. I am to rejoice always, which means that I have to look for good in the midst of the bad. I have to trust that God has a plan even through the pain and problems I face. The question for me is “can I believe that God is big enough to bring good out of what at times seems so bad?” Or “are the blessings and promises of God in my life really enough to allow me to rejoice through these storms?” Paul said “and again I say rejoice,”: he was not stuttering with his pen, he was saying “Hear me again: ‘rejoice!'” Rejoicing is not just an admonition: it is the secret to overcoming.


Friend, if we learn to rejoice always we learn to look for the good always. We learn to trust the Lord always. We learn to live above our circumstance and praise God as we were created to do. When we learn to rejoice always, we learn to lift up Christ and resist the Devil. Join me in rejoicing in the goodness of God and giving Him the thanks He deserves no matter what we might be going through.  


Rev. Wayne Marcus   

Seek and Save the Lost

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Can you imagine a day when all of the wickedness of the world will be called into judgement; a day when all of the world will stand and give an account for their lies, murder, adultery, idolatry, and rejection of Jesus Christ? It is hard to imagine a day when there was more wickedness in the world than there is today, yet Jesus said the last days would be like the days of Noah. As I look around and take time to listen to the voices that think they are unheard, it is obvious that people are continually thinking and planning wicked and lewd acts, and the sad thing is that much of the world is so biblically illiterate that they don’t even know what wrong is or why something they are doing is wrong. If you listen to the language of our world, you will quickly pick up on the fact that people in everyday communications use the Lords name in vain and think nothing of it.
It is alarming to think that there will be billions of people who will be destroyed because of sin and the darkness of it having overtaken them and that they will spend eternity in the lake of fire. When I think of the flood that destroyed the earth, I am reminded that Noah and His little family were safe on the Ark, and they saw people being swept away in the waters of God’s Judgement. They must have been so sad to see those they had tried to warn swept away into death and damnation. Friend, it saddens my heart to think that when Jesus comes back so many will be left hopeless to spend all of eternity in Hell. Remember, Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost and condemned. He found and saved me, and I pray that He will find and save more as we share the good news of God’s love to those who face certain damnation without Him.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Contend for the Faith

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When you think about your Church, what do you think about? To many people, Church is just a place they go on Sunday when they can. 20% of adults say they have no real connection to their church family or to the mission of the Church. 40% say they have no connection to their faith. 23% of believers say that they can’t find a church home. What about you? Do you feel connected to the church, or are you one of those people who are looking for a Church to call your home Church?

This Sunday, we are going to discuss the call that God has given the church to contend for our faith. This message is being preached at a time when the world has stood firm to detest most anything that is of a Biblical nature or belief. Satan has come out of the closet if you will; no longer does he deny his hatred for the sacred things of God. People led and influenced by Satan are boldly standing against God’s biblical plan for marriage, the sacred standard He gives us for life, and God’s call on the life of His people to be holy and live sanctified lives that bring honor to Him. The authority of God’s Word is under attack in the world and, of all places, in many so-called churches today. Friend, we live in the last days, and Satan realizes His time is drawing near. Therefore, the church must stand firm in our faith and focus on the call that has been given to us. I hope you are connected to the Church, and fulfilling the call God has given you. If not, I am praying that you will get plugged in today.
Your Pastor,
Rev. Wayne Marcus

All Hands On Deck

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The new church year starts in just a few weeks, and with that comes a lot of committee meetings, planning, and of course, hard work. None of these things are strange to you; we have been planning and working hard for years and this year shall be no exception. As the day of the Lord draws closer, we have to be more vigilant and vivacious in our service for the Savior. I hope you are determined to take advantage of every opportunity you have to work for the Lord. There are many things in the works for the next church year that you could be in involved with. We will be doing Judgement House and Fall Festival in October the children and Adult Choir will be doing a presentation at Christmas, Upward Basketball January – February, we will be doing a Wild Game Supper this year and of course Vacation Bible School, and some mission trips. Please take advantage of all the opportunities to serve the Lord here at Toms Creek.
As you know, there will come a day and a time when you will be grateful for opportunities you took to serve the Lord. Can you imagine what it will be like when you stand before the Lord and are rewarded for what you have done for Him here in this world? This world is wicked, dark, cold, and full of indifference toward the gospel. but it is also a rich honey-hole for fishers of men. God has called to us be ambassadors for Christ; let’s get out there and represent Him to the best of our ability. We need all hands on deck for the mission that God has called us to. Please commit to serving the Lord with all of your heart, soul, and mind this coming year.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Let Go, and Let God

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Last Sunday night, we had a great service with many people sharing how God was working in their lives and giving God praise for forgiving their sin and setting them free. God is so good, and if there was anything that became evident from Sunday night it was that nothing is too hard for God! You may be dealing with heartache, disappointment, bondage of sin, or struggling with a combination of other things; I want to remind you of two things today. The first thing is that God loves you! He really does, He loves you just like you are with all of your troubles and struggles. God loves you and wants you to hear and understand this verse:
“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).
Friend, God wants you to cast your cares or worries upon Him. You may say why? Because He cares for you!
I know it is hard to believe that God would care for us as He does but today if you can by faith trust that He loves you and cares for you then and only then can you trust Him enough to cast your fears, problems and heartaches on Him. The second thing I would like to tell you is that in order to cast your cares upon Him you will have to humble yourself. That means that you have to admit that your problems are bigger than you are. No matter how strong you may think that you are, please know that God wants you to humble yourself and quit allowing your stubborn pride to hold you the bondage of trying to bear a load that is bigger than you are capable of handling. There is great liberty and freedom in casting your cares on the Lord and because of the love and grace of God you have been invited to do just that. Let go and Let God help you today!
Your Pastor,
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Hope in Hard Times

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It is so good to know that God loves us and that we are not receiving in this life what we deserve but rather what God’s grace provides. All of us, and I mean all of us, have the opportunity to be blessed beyond measure due to gift of God. This does not mean that life will not have hardship or heartache; it simply means that we cannot measure our blessings by our burdens or be sour based upon our surroundings. We are to live by faith, and our faith teaches us that all things are for the good of those who love God and are the called according to His purpose. Our problems are not put there to hurt us but to build us, to make us better and closer to God.
The Devil would love for us to give up, curse God, and then lie down and wait on death. This would make us ugly, useless, and ungodly in a world that needs a good witness for God. Friend, I have talked with a lot of people this week that are going through some real battles in their life, yet they have smiled, praised God, and acknowledge that God is good. They can say that because they understand that this life is not the end nor is it the reward that God has in store for us. As Christians, we are living for a better Country, for a better day, and it is just around the corner. So keep singing, keep praying, and keep looking up for your redemption draws near.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

A Fresh Touch From Heaven

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Over the last few weeks, the air has gotten really dry, and it is showing on the grass and gardens. They look so parched and almost dead. How are you doing in your walk with the Lord? Are you feeling dry and parched, as if the heavens have been closed and the things that you need for revival and restoration have disappeared? The truth is that our lives can become barren if we cease to receive or realize the blessings that God is showering us with daily.
Each and every day it is important to take time to drink out of a refreshing well that never runs dry, to experience fresh Word from God as you walk with Him, and share your burdens and thank Him for his blessings. We know that He loves us, and He knows how we feel about Him, but it is good to hear Him tell you, and it is also good to tell Him how you feel. It does you good to say it. If your life is getting dry or routine, it may be that you need to cool it down with your Bible and spend time talking with your Heavenly Father.
I was looking at the grass this morning and had this thought: “if it doesn’t rain my grass is going to wither up.” Only a moist touch from Heaven can give my yard what it really needs, and if you are about to wither up, only a fresh touch from Heaven can restore you.
Rev. Wayne Marcus

Uncertainty in Following Christ

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We often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations that are self-caused. Maybe you responded yes to an invitation you now regret, or perhaps you chowed down on that food from the gas station despite all your better judgment telling you not to. Our choices and decisions shape our paths, and where we end up is often due to the very choices we make.
In Daniel 6, we find Daniel in quite the predicament. Prayer to the one true God has been forbidden, and Daniel makes a choice that results in being tossed into a den of hungry lions. Daniel’s story reminds us that being faithful to God may lead to uncomfortable and even dangerous circumstances. But in the end of his story, God’s name is glorified throughout the kingdom. 
When it comes to following Christ, we’re often left with a choice: the comfortable status-quo or the uncertainty that accompanies stepping out in faith. While we may not be guaranteed safety or sure deliverance from the trials and discomforts in following Christ, we can remain confident that it’s worth it and we’re not alone. So, go on that mission trip. Attend that class. Share your testimony with your neighbor.
You may be missing out on a life-changing experience that God has planned for you. Do what God is calling you to do, and don’t let your comforts get in the way of your commitment to the Lord.
Your Youth Minister,
Rev. Evan Alexander

Prayer for Missions

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This Sunday (July 14th), our Alaska Mission team leaves for Alaska around 2:00 a.m. Please pray for us as we do Vacation Bible School in Penland Mobile Home Park and a block parties at night in the City Park. The Mission Team consists of the following:
  • Denny and Elizabeth Folsom
  • Tracy Fowler
  • Doug and Donna Guest
  • Bobbi Hazel
  • Tony and Renee Ledford
  • Michael and Paula Malia
  • Kathy Maner
  • Wayne and Tammy Marcus
  • Tammy Riddle
  • Brenda Thomas
Please pray for us this week. Pray for safe travel, liberty, wisdom and boldness to share our testimony and the gospel. Pray for unity with each other and those that we will be working with in Alaska and that through all that we do Jesus will be exalted and receive the utmost honor and glory. We will be praying for you this week as you worship the Lord.
Also, join us in praying for our Back to School bash that will be taking place on July 27th. I want to encourage you to make donations of shoes and school supplies for this great ministry opportunity to help the precious kids of our community.
Thank you for being such a wonderful giving, serving body of believers, and remember as we do anything for those around us we do it unto the Lord.
Rev. Wayne Marcus