Prayer for Missions

Missions Sunday Church Website Graphic
This Sunday (July 14th), our Alaska Mission team leaves for Alaska around 2:00 a.m. Please pray for us as we do Vacation Bible School in Penland Mobile Home Park and a block parties at night in the City Park. The Mission Team consists of the following:
  • Denny and Elizabeth Folsom
  • Tracy Fowler
  • Doug and Donna Guest
  • Bobbi Hazel
  • Tony and Renee Ledford
  • Michael and Paula Malia
  • Kathy Maner
  • Wayne and Tammy Marcus
  • Tammy Riddle
  • Brenda Thomas
Please pray for us this week. Pray for safe travel, liberty, wisdom and boldness to share our testimony and the gospel. Pray for unity with each other and those that we will be working with in Alaska and that through all that we do Jesus will be exalted and receive the utmost honor and glory. We will be praying for you this week as you worship the Lord.
Also, join us in praying for our Back to School bash that will be taking place on July 27th. I want to encourage you to make donations of shoes and school supplies for this great ministry opportunity to help the precious kids of our community.
Thank you for being such a wonderful giving, serving body of believers, and remember as we do anything for those around us we do it unto the Lord.
Rev. Wayne Marcus