Think of the Resurrection!

Empty Tomb Of Jesus Easter Website Graphic
As we approach Easter, our minds are turned towards the cross, and what an awful sight it must have been. When I think of Jesus being ridiculed in a trial, beaten publicly, and crucified so cruelly it saddens my heart. To think of the pain of dying and the shame of being crucified being endured by Jesus, the Son of God, for my sins is moving to say the least. To know that, at any time of His choosing, He had the authority and power to stop it and the whole earth with it if He desired and yet His love made Him steadfast and determined to fulfill the perfect will of the Father and die for the sins of the world.
As Jesus died, He yielded His Spirit over to the Father, and His body was placed in a borrowed tomb. As His body lay in the tomb, the world thought his life was over; there was no hope in sight for those who knew and believed in their heart that He was the Son of God. It seemed as though all of their dreams died on the cross with the Jesus. But in three days, what seemed impossible took place. As one of my favorite songs says it:
“Up from the grave He arose, with a might triumph over His foes!”
Friend, remember when you think about the cross to remember the empty tomb. When you think about death, remember the promise of life. Jesus is the One who was, who is, and who is to come! He is alive forevermore, and because of that, I, too, shall live forever! I hope every thought of death you have is lined with the glorious promise of the resurrection.

Pastor,   Wayne Marcus