Uncertainty in Following Christ

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We often find ourselves in uncomfortable situations that are self-caused. Maybe you responded yes to an invitation you now regret, or perhaps you chowed down on that food from the gas station despite all your better judgment telling you not to. Our choices and decisions shape our paths, and where we end up is often due to the very choices we make.
In Daniel 6, we find Daniel in quite the predicament. Prayer to the one true God has been forbidden, and Daniel makes a choice that results in being tossed into a den of hungry lions. Daniel’s story reminds us that being faithful to God may lead to uncomfortable and even dangerous circumstances. But in the end of his story, God’s name is glorified throughout the kingdom. 
When it comes to following Christ, we’re often left with a choice: the comfortable status-quo or the uncertainty that accompanies stepping out in faith. While we may not be guaranteed safety or sure deliverance from the trials and discomforts in following Christ, we can remain confident that it’s worth it and we’re not alone. So, go on that mission trip. Attend that class. Share your testimony with your neighbor.
You may be missing out on a life-changing experience that God has planned for you. Do what God is calling you to do, and don’t let your comforts get in the way of your commitment to the Lord.
Your Youth Minister,
Rev. Evan Alexander